Steven B. Lennon, Principal

Mr. Lennon has been engaged in the consulting profession since 1994. He has performed consulting and appraisal assignments involving a variety of healthcare, senior housing and multifamily properties, analyzing business and real estate entities. These assignments have been performed in various markets for the purpose of project development, feasibility and valuation in connection with financing and acquisition.

Mr. Lennon is responsible for developing and refining market feasibility models and reports, which are used to analyze the feasibility of existing, proposed and under-performing assets. This analysis includes determination of primary market or service areas, estimating demand for various healthcare entities and developing demand and sensitivity models to analyze market, operational and financial characteristics. Mr. Lennon has conducted feasibility studies in conjunction with bond financing, quasi-government organizations, including HUD, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, as well as conventional financing sources.

Among the engagements undertaken by Mr. Lennon, more recent assignments have included market and financial feasibility studies evaluating the feasibility of proposed and existing healthcare facilities, senior housing communities and multifamily properties; operational overviews analyzing the managerial expertise of healthcare operators; specialized evaluation reports to ascertain the financial, operational and market position of healthcare assets; portfolio analysis on the holdings of healthcare real estate investment trusts; pre-development market and demand analysis for healthcare developers; and appraisals to estimate market value.

Additionally, Mr. Lennon has been involved with feasibility analysis for low-income multifamily projects for seniors. These engagements were conducted in conjunction with local and state housing agencies, and included field research on related assets, development of low-income demand models and reporting on findings. He also directs various research efforts for the company, including project development cost surveys, operational statistics and industry trends. Mr. Lennon has focused on a range of healthcare enterprises since entering the industry, including congregate care, assisted living, Alzheimer’s care, skilled nursing facilities, long-term acute care hospitals, health and wellness centers, senior housing and multifamily properties.