Litigation & SFAS Compliance


Members of HTG Consultants have provided litigation support and served as expert witnesses in various cases involving healthcare and senior living assets. A sampling of our experience entails valuation issues concerning partnership disputes or dissolutions, bankruptcy settlements or damage to real property; insurance disputes involving the value of assets; breaches of contract and the value of healthcare assets being disputed as a result of divorce proceedings. HTG Consultants has conducted valuations for real property, personal property and business interest nationwide, and has the experience to understand and communicate the relevant valuation issues that arise in a variety of litigation scenarios.

SFAS Compliance

Using guidelines established by the Statements of Financial Accounting Standards (SFAS), HTG Consultants has prepared valuations to determine the allocation of identifiable intangible assets for various clients. These valuations often include transactions covered under SFAS 141 and 142 guidelines and are generally conducted for compliance purposes, providing an evaluation of an entity’s certificate of need (CON), licensure/provider number, resident relationships and other intangible assets.

Other Analysis

HTG Consultants is prepared to assist with your organization’s needs, whatever the concern may be. Our firm has developed specific analyses to address a multitude of questions, including stock analysis, rent comparability studies, evaluation of investment risk…just ask and we’ll work with you to find solutions to your most-pressing valuation and consulting issues.