Market & Financial Feasibility Analysis

HTG Consultants is designed to provide a range of value-added services to our clients. While we specialize in valuation for senior living and healthcare assets, we are far from “just an appraisal firm,” as many of our clients can attest.

Similar to the national “footprint” represented by our appraisal experience, HTG Consultants has conducted market analyses, market studies and financial feasibility analyses in urban, suburban and rural markets throughout the United States. The following is a sampling of the types of market analysis our firm has developed in our nearly 25 years in business:

Multi-Site Market Analysis

Our company has performed concurrent market analysis for multiple sites on behalf of regional and national senior care providers alike, helping them to assess supply and demand characteristics in a variety of markets. Thereafter, we have continued the analysis by conducting detailed market studies on select locations – based on our initial findings – and producing comprehensive, financeable reports.

Market Analysis & Studies

HTG Consultants has developed detailed market studies for proposed projects, facilities being updated or re-positioned, full-scale retirement campuses being expanded and active adult (55-plus) communities, among others. Our studies are often used for internal planning purposes or consideration of potential financing, and are designed to meet our clients’ specific goals and objectives.

HUD “Lean” Market Studies

Our firm has performed numerous Lean market studies nationwide, supporting FHA-approved lenders seeking to provide FHA-insured mortgages through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Many of these applications have received mortgage commitments from HUD.

Financial Feasibility Studies

HTG Consultants has been involved with numerous financial feasibility studies, many involving taxable or tax-exempt bonds issued by economic development agencies or authorities. These studies are used to estimate demand and utilization for a variety of new development or expansion projects, including diversified healthcare systems, entrance-fee CCRCs and assisted living projects. In most cases, they appear as part of the preliminary and final Offering Statements issued to investors.

Affordable Housing Market Studies

In addition to market-rate senior living projects, HTG Consultants has also evaluated demand for affordable multifamily housing. Such analysis has encompassed both age-restricted and non-age restricted properties, and entailed projects with low-income housing tax credits (LIHTCs), HUD Section 8 waivers (project- and tenant-based) and market-rate components.