Valuation Analysis

What is Your Track Record?

Since January of 1998, HTG Consultants has performed more than 4,000 assignments, ranging between one and 200 properties in each. Our appraisal engagements have evaluated senior housing, retirement communities and healthcare facilities in Washington, D.C. and nearly every state in the nation, encompassing nursing facilities (NFs), assisted living (AL) and memory care (MC) facilities, independent living (IL) communities and continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs). We have the experience to value a variety of assets, anywhere you send us, and firmly believe that speaks volumes about the length and breadth of our services.

Do You Have Enough Capacity?

Although many assignments encompass one facility or a small group of assets, HTG Consultants has demonstrated an ability to orchestrate timely, well-executed valuation analysis in support of large portfolio transactions. In one year alone, our firm developed appraisals for 10 separate portfolios that encompass 287 individual facilities, more than 34,000 units and total portfolio values in excess of $6.0 billion. In short, we have the resources to execute on practically any engagement, large or small.

Can You Think Outside the Box?

In addition to our understanding of senior living and healthcare assets, HTG Consultants has developed valuation analysis for multifamily apartments, as well as for specialized healthcare real estate and unique valuation scenarios. Among the more specialized property types our firm has evaluated are adult psychiatric and substance abuse facilities, adolescent behavioral health centers, pediatric nursing facilities, long term acute care (LTAC) facilities and medical office buildings (MOBs). Regarding our experience with unique valuation scenarios, HTG Consultants has offered value opinions related to lease disputes, divorce settlements, insurance claims and estate planning. With our understanding of the complex nature of senior care properties, HTG Consultants has established a strong platform upon which we can analyze other real estate.

Who Do You Service?

Our client base comprises a diverse group of national and regional commercial banks, mortgage banking firms, investment banks, REITs, quasi-government agencies and multi-facility operators. In developing our appraisal reports, HTG Consultants consistently meets the needs of our lenders, providing reports that comply with the Financial Institutions Reform and Recovery Act (FIRREA) and with the Appraisal Institute’s Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP).


HTG Consultants has also been extensively involved with developing FHA-compliant appraisals via the MAP and Lean Programs, the latter of which was implemented by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) in mid-2008 and updated in January 2017. Our firm also has significant experience in developing appraisals for other agencies, including Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, as well as multifamily appraisals for various HUD offices nationwide. Our broad experience has afforded HTG Consultants the opportunity to serve senior housing clients and lenders nationwide, regardless of the financing situation or property type.




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